Looking for an inspirational summer learning experience?

Your springboard into Regenerative Living starts here!

We are recruiting 8 people aged 18 or over for a 4-week programme based at Danaway Homestead (Cumbria). You will be supported by a diverse team of experienced facilitators to provide you with new practical skills and experiences as well as space to reflect and review your life plans.

We aim to support young people to navigate their path in a more resilient and fulfilling way.

This will be an immersive experience where you will have access to and support of a community of mentors. Skills you could learn include horticulture, wood crafts, forest gardening, permaculture, wool crafts, living collectively and many more.

To apply please email Rick Cross at info@danaway.co.uk with an A4 summary of your hopes, challenges and passions with your answers to the questions:

1. What do you want to get from a placement and what can you bring to it?

2. What activities most interest you?

3. Why do you want to be a part of this programme?

Deadline: 31st July

More information below…

Danaway from above, photo by local photographer Harry Baker

Danaway development
After 8 years of development, the community of people around this 2.5-acre site is working together to offer programmes to support the people and planet’s transition to a New Regenerative Human Story beyond the one focused on a growth-based economy. This new story we can inhabit is based on Permaculture, working in harmony with land, community collaboration and nature connection.

“Danaway is a thriving jewel of a place where life is regenerating and healing. Human visitors and the whole community of life discovers a place to drop in and connect with The Living Earth in all its wonder.”

Peter Cow, 8 Shields Institute
Ouessant flock

About Danaway
Danaway is the vision of Rick Cross, an artist, permaculture designer, therapist, social entrepreneur and homesteader with a lifetime of experience in environmental projects and enabling human potential.
This 2.5-acre site has been developed from a green field site over the last 8 years and comprises wildlife zones and ponds, vegetable and fruit gardens and a nut grove with bee hives. We breed rare and heritage breeds including a flock of Ouessant sheep, Silver Appleyard Ducks and Wellsomer chickens.

The heart of the site, the Kitchen Garden, has a large communal yurt, camp kitchen and polytunnels.

Our Community
Danaway hosts a community of creative collaborators with a host of skills, experience and knowledge, weaving together many strands to create a living curriculum for cultural repair rooted in life’s natural cycles.

Gathered in the fire spiral

Get a feel of the programme…
Be prepared for a warm welcome into a place alive with creative potential and days filled with perspiration, relaxation, celebration and reflection.

Your role this summer will be to immerse yourself in an innovative graduate programme that seeks to support positive transitions towards regenerative livelihoods. This will help us to develop the programme going forward.

Cultivate a deeper connection to your true self, the group and the whole community of life, while contributing to the daily work of horticulture, animal husbandry and practical projects.

Consider your life choices, relax, play music, share stories and imagine your positive future beyond the cultural transition now underway.

The Potting Shed is the kitchen space

Potential Activities Include:

  • Food production
  • An Ecological Survey of the site
  • Designing a System to Account for Site Inputs and Yields
  • Wool crafts
  • Foraging
  • Practical Carpentry, Cleft Oak Fencing and Gates, wood crafts
  • Camp cooking
  • Beekeeping
  • Working with the animals – sheep, ducks, chickens
  • Learning about and practicing permaculture design
  • Living in community
  • Others will come up along the way!
Green oak gates and fencing made by hand at Danaway using local Oak

What: 4-week immersive residential (camping) programme for 8 people aged 18 or over

Where: Danaway Homestead, Eaglesfield, Cumbria

When: Saturday 15th August to Sunday 13th September

What is included:

  • Camping and use of Camp Kitchen, Fire Circle, Shower, Composting Toilet
  • Seasonal Vegetables, as available, and food for the month
  • Mentoring Support
  • Access to the School Library
  • Participation in onsite projects

Tutors and Mentors:
The programme will be supported by Tutors and Mentors with diverse life experiences and skills. Find more information on the website.

Cost: £500 for the full 4 weeks inclusive of mentoring, skill teaching and coaching as well as, camping pitch, facilities and food.

This is a full immersive experience with both designed and facilitated elements as well as time and space to develop your own projects and reflect with support when needed.


Come and Join Us! (The sheep, ducks, chickens and all our wild and domesticated visitors!)

To apply please email Rick Cross at info@danaway.co.uk

Deadline: 31st July

A taste of Danaway produce

“In his work at Danaway Permaculture Homestead,  Rick has created an inspirational living , working permaculture system that provides space for learning and sharing skills for sustainable living and self reliance .
Don’t miss a chance to visit!”

Andy Goldring, CEO of the Permaculture Association

“At Danaway, Rick is weaving together many strands of his life’s journey to create a living curriculum for cultural repair rooted in life’s natural cycles. This is regenerative medicine; nurturing the strength, resilience and creativity we need to bring forth the emergence of a culture worthy of the stardust that we are!”

Adele Clarke, 8 Shields Institute
Sunset over Danaway with the Scottish hills in the background across the Solway
Looking across Part of Danaway from one of the many wild corners. Plenty of space to reflect, watch herons and hope to see the Barn Owl.